We work alongside our customers throughout all the various design phases, from installation to assistance, devising unique and complex projects with a multi-disciplinary approach. Thanks to a team of professionals boasting years of experience, we are able to produce personalised technical systems on the basis of specific requests (on behalf of the market and/or customer), by conducting comprehensive design and implementation activities nationwide, both in the industrial sector (warehouses, offices, DPC facilities etc.) and residential sector (apartments, villas, other types of housing structures).

Our company has been divided into various departments so as to guarantee a service that fully satisfies customer requirements:

  • Management Department;
  • Technical Department (with engineers, surveyors and technical experts);
  • Sales Department;
  • Operational Department with specialised operators (electricians, plumbers);
  • Logistics Department;
  • Administration Department
  • Accounting Department.

Company employees work alongside a consolidated network of over 150 collaborators located nationwide, including Italy’s islands.