Torre SGR – Milano

We carried out renovation works at the Italian Headquarters of Dentons (one of the world’s largest and most important associate law firms) over a total of 10 stories with 8 being dedicated to offices and conference rooms in the Piazza Affari district. This building represented a real design and implementation challenge, achieving extremely high levels of customisation so as to meet the customer’s exceptionally personal requirements.

The electric system, being classic in design, meant that a great deal of attention was paid to the protection and transmission of data, with the installation of two continuous UPS units and fibre optic OM4 cables. For the mechanical system, in addition to a localised heat pump system, each ambient saw the integration of a flushing/air exchange system and a ‘mobile’ humidifying system that guarantees specific hygrometric conditions.  For both systems, the optimised control and management of consumption (each user is monitored both locally and remotely) will enable the building to achieve LEED certification.

For the hydraulic system, maximum attention was paid to usability, the design and energy savings: a water softening system prevents any damage caused by the eventual formation of limescale inside the air-conditioning circuits and a photocell and ‘diffuser head’ system supplied with each tap ensures optimal operation. Smoke detection and inert gas fire suppression systems were provided for the fire-prevention system, with an extraction and recovery system using designated extractors.


Project Details


10/11 months of work
10/20 (people) operating / day on site
4 (people) in the project Management
7 floors above ground + 2 underground levels
+ of 2500 square meters worked area
LEED certification