Valsoia S.p.A. is an Italian company established in 1990 to exploit the excellent nutritional properties of soy, so as to provide a valid dietary-food response to the growing demand for health and wellbeing. Today the Valsoia Group is the leading company in Italy in the production and marketing of predominately soy-based health food products. A success born of the commitment and desire to contribute to improving the quality of lives, by focusing on innovativeness, non-stop research and development activities, alongside substantial investments to support both the products and brand. Today, Valsoia products are distributed throughout Italy in all the main supermarkets, in addition to also being available in a large number of European countries.

For Valsoia, Cacciari Impianti managed all the routine maintenance for the electric system, meeting both technical requirements (performance efficiency, maximum ergonomics, safety and reduction in consumption) and aesthetic requirements (design and finishes).

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