Thermal-Hydraulic Systems

We design and make various different types of thermal-hydraulic systems and successively see to their management and maintenance. Each system is tailor-made for the customer and designed with care before finally being certified.

air conditioning



We specialise in the designing of: 

Thermal systems

  • Upgrading and/or construction of Thermal Power Stations;
  • Condensation heat generators with a heat output equal to or less than 35 kW;
  • Biomass fireplace stoves (wood/pellet);
  • Underfloor heating;
  • Heat and geothermal pumps;
  • Solar power;
  • Industrial and process piping;
  • Absorbers – Cogenerators.

Hydraulic systems

  • Upgrading of existing systems;
  • Water-sanitation;
  • Waste/clean water drains;
  • Gas-methane – LPG;
  • Garden irrigation and recovery of rainwater;

Air-conditioning systems (winter and summer)

  • Upgrading of existing systems;
  • Air or water condensation refrigerator units;
  • Mono and/or multi-split direct expansion systems;
  • Variable refrigerant volume systems (VRV/VRF);
  • ‘Precision’air-conditioning systems (cold only) dedicated to DPC facilities;
  • Re-filling, recovery and disposal of refrigerant GASES (in accordance with applicable standards);

Aeraulic systems

  • Upgrading of existing systems;
  • Air treatment and filtration units and operational adjustments;

We are able to guarantee and certify the conformity of the systems in terms of the required requisites, implementing all of the collective protection measures (scaffolding, railings etc.) in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08 on safety in the workplace.